Inspiration From Our Natural World: Vanessa Discusses Design in Nature

Delving into the world of delicious and inspiring for my mind. I have been looking for the best way to explain the organicness and fluidity of design in my jewellery, instead of coining the uber-washed word 'organic' or using the terminology 'fluidity in design.' What I and many designers like me, who see the beauty in the natural world want to achieve, is for the wearer to appreciate the intricacy of the tinest things in nature that we take for granted, or we do not allow ourselves to see. Time rages on and we forget to stop and smell the roses. Forget that we stand on a living breathing Earth and have an entire Universe on our own bodies, all working in synchronicity.

Are you full of awe? should be.

I remember the first time I saw a mound of everyday beach sand under a microscope (this one is at 300x). I looked at it for hours. I just could not get my head around it's miniature beauty. The tiny little Grecian looking glass urns and the flotsom and jetsum, that mimicked Barbie's tea cups and saucers. It was fascinating. It got me to look at all natural things in a different light. What I call the 'Light of Curiosity.'

With climate changing constants right now, due to host of man made situations, from illegal logging and bush fires through to floods and hurricanes, our Earth is speaking to us. It is pleading for us to look at it in a different light. When I see the corals on the beach, I instantly see jewellery design. When I see fine paper bark of the Birch tree, I see textures I could use. In previous work I have done, I have taken crumpled paper even and used it as the basis for bangles and earrings. There is design everywhere we look, it's how we look at it. How it speaks to us.

I used the word 'biotic' in the title, the connection to living organisms and seeing the beauty in their design, how nature performs so seamlessly and so uninhibited with regards to form and function and how we can learn so much from it. Which brings me to another of my favourite words, 'biomimicry.'

I first understood this word when I saw a TED documentary many years ago. They were describing how some of the world's greatest thinkers revolutionised design. Leonardo Da Vinci was one that stood out for me. He had looked at how a dragonfly landed and then readied itself for flight and from interacting with nature, seeing how it could be mimicked in the human world and drawing his machinery ideas, the beginnings of the helicopter blades and overall design, were born. (his drawings in the late 1400's, but did not come into fruition until the middle of the 19th Century).

The word 'symbiosis' is the connection we have that binds us. When you have a symbiotic relationship with the world, you move with it, you can feel it and morph and interact with it, creating something ultimately new in the world from it and in line with it.

Artists take note, leave a sign for others to see, to feel.

Like Darwin's idea of evolution, from every experience I have with nature and moving with it, my  eyes will delve deeper and my design will become more mature and streamlined. I will become 'changed' myself and with it bring change.

The virus has had an effect not only on us, but nature too. A replenishment. A revival. A reconnection. Look to the sky or the ground to day, but really look! The earth is truly amazing.