All About The Luxe



Once upon a time, there were two very different sisters who lived 15,000 miles apart. A nasty virus changed their destiny and after 25 years and many cocktails later, they were reunited back in the UK. In August 2020, in the middle of the UK lockdown, they started an FB ‘Shout Out Show’ for their brand Franki Ryker Jewellery. That lead to shouts for friends’ businesses too. They wrote a rap. Built a bar. Raised cash through crowdfunding and started the journey, which brought them to this ‘new’ place. With their love of luxury design and their understanding of what it takes to make good products, packaging and service work....‘All About The Luxe’ was born. Keeping it real (and themselves in stitches :>), they educate, enliven, entertain and involve... their viewers, all whilst sipping on marvellous gin.

Make ‘All About The Luxe’ your weekly addiction! Join the girls on Facebook Live at 10am every Friday @allabouttheluxesisters

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